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Reiki and the Seeker`s Journey

Reiki and the Seeker`s Journey It seems to be a fact that people are drawn to Reiki as and when the time and circumstances are right for them. As a Reiki student I saw this fact written in many texts and articles about Reiki and I took it at face value. It was certainly true in my own life but I did not fully understand it until I began to teach students myself and went searching for more information. One of the first questions that I ask every new group of students is  “Why are you here?” On the surface the answers that they give may be different but the underlying theme is always the same: “I am looking for something. There has to be more to life than I am experiencing.” As I have learned more about Reiki from my own experiences and those of the students that I have been privileged to meet it has become very apparent that this underlying quest for “more” is universal-everyone feels the pull of it at some time in their life. We all become Seekers of some sort of de…
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Reiki Zen Meditation Music

Reiki Zen Meditation Music, is a beautiful relaxing piece of music that you could use as background music while you are meditating. You could also use it in a Reiki Healing Session to help relax both you and your Reiki client. The track itself is just over 1 hour long and it encourages a state of Zen. Let the calming, subtle sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness, and allow you to give and receive powerful Reiki vibrations. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Namaste Adele
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Reiki Music with a 3 or 5 Minute Bell or Chime

Playing Reiki Music during your Reiki Healing Sessions is a great way to help set the scene and create the right ambience in your reiki healing room. Reiki on its own, will of course relax your client and allow them to drift into a deeper state of peaceful relaxation. However, adding the right type of Reiki Music, that relaxes both yourself and your client and helps you to focus on becoming the channel for Reiki to flow through you, without the need to be constantly thinking about is it time to move onto the next reiki hand position is really helpful. Especially when you first start practicing Reiki, and you have not yet fully developed your intuition, and find that following the three to five minutes per hand position format, really useful as it can help you to stay focused and make the session run smoothly, which of course will inevitably help to build your own confidence in your ability as a Reiki Practitioner. Personally, when we first started practicing Reiki back in…
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