Is It Your Time to Heal?

Is It Your Time to Heal? When I worked as an RN, I met a woman who seemed to thrive on personal drama. Many times I had observed this woman talking about the people that she personally knew who were sick, who died, and who were in accidents. It se

Life After Reiki 3

So, you’ve “mastered” Reiki and can now consider yourself among those who have demonstrated their understanding of the Reiki Principles and practice either through commitment, discipline, or by simply being 🙂   So, what now? W

Reiki Music with a 3 or 5 Minute Bell or Chime

Playing Reiki Music during your Reiki Healing Sessions is a great way to help set the scene and create the right ambience in your reiki healing room. Reiki on its own, will of course relax your client and allow them to drift into a deeper state of pe

Treasure Life

RHA Member Cathy White shares a story about Reiki. I once went to a very renowned psychic. During my reading, she told me that I should continue my studies with my energy work. I was already doing Reiki at that time, but was in school, learning Ther

Insight And Gratitude Through Reiki

Reiki Healing Association Member Gary Hewitt was kind enough to share with us a glimpse of his week as a Reiki Practitioner. Reflecting on the past seven days as a Reiki Practitioner, it has been a week of insight and gratitude for me. Wednesday