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  • rashikapoor
    August 30, 2016
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    I contacted Reiki Healer Kavita Kapoor for distance healing when I had a severe back pain. I had a great experience as my pain disappeared in just three sessions and has never occurred again. Thank you Kavita for all your help.

  • Narinder Khanna
    August 31, 2016
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    Since last decade, I had been hearing and reading a lot about Reiki healing but could not gather faith to try it out.A couple of months back got in touch with Ms.Kavita Kapoor, Reiki Master at ANTAHKARNA,1049,sector16, Faridabad,Haryana. My first meeting with her induced me to try out Reiki. The first session with her was a divine experience. Just one hour and I was in heaven. What a wonderful experience! All stress converted into divine bliss.There after fortnightly sessions started and after 4-5 sessions my lower back ache and blood pressure showed immense improvement.

    My family members found me a new person all together,with all anger and stress gone.

    Ms.Kavita Kapoor is a God gifted and natural healer. she has mastered this healing process with hard work,determination and most importantly her God gifted pure soul.she is an asset to the humanity.I wish her all the success in her venture.

  • rishabhcapoor
    September 9, 2016
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    I was in US the past month and my father back there in India had severe back problem. I was very worried about him as we were not together. The tension was on my face and seeing this one of my friend told me about his experience and asked me to contact Antahkarna Reiki and Holistic Healing . I did not believe in all this stuff but I don’t know why I felt like trying this once. I contacted Kavita Kapoor who had a distance Reiki Session with my father. To my Surprise the next morning 90{76fdcdbdfc7d71a8b35c58942e4ed090256951834b577a90c7894dcc0b0d9d30} of the pain had vanished. I and my father both were surprised. Further the stress level was drastically reduced with sense of mental peace. For my father it was a great experience.


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