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My name’s Trudy Brookes and my absolute passion in life is animals. I have 2 Border Terriers who are just the cheekiest, funniest, affectionate, loyal and ‘full of character’ little dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with, together with 6 adult cats (many of whom where rescue cats) and 5 kittens (two came from the Feral and Stray Society) and the other 3 were Feral Kittens that turned up in my Mum’s garden. (My Mum now has the mother cat who is loving life as an indoor ‘house cat’ now) She’s been neutered and vaccinated so she won’t have any more kittens (as she’s not much older than a kitten really herself). It’s a good job my husband is an animal lover as is my daughter who has ‘claimed’ the 5 kittens as hers – she’s the mum and I’m the grandma 🙂 I love having all my 11 cats and 2 dogs and if I won the lottery then the first thing I’d do is buy an animal sanctuary, but as we live in a small house in Yorkshire then we’re really ‘full to capacity’ (for now) 😉
My mission in life is to help, heal, support, love and protect animals and I would love you to be able to share my passion for healing animals too. I can either teach you how to heal your pets by teaching you Animal Reiki and Animal Crystal Healing, OR I can offer your pets distant healing through one to one sessions.
I’m a bit of a ‘cat whisperer’ and have a Feline Behaviour & Psychology Diploma & an Pet Psychology Diploma so if you’re having perhaps any behavioural problems with your pets then I can support you on a 1-1 basis. I also offer 1-1 Pet Bereavement Counselling that you can book over on my website or by contacting me here by email – or over on my website
I have various Energy Healing Modality Qualifications in my ‘Energy Tool Kit’ to help me do the work I love – I work either in person or distantly using healing modalities such as Animal Reiki and Animal Crystal Healing.
My ‘Energy Tool Kit’ includes various oils and essences, crystal elixirs, crystals and bespoke animal crystal kits especially made to order for you and your precious pets.
You can find out more about me and the services I offer over on my website here however I’m in the process of changing and updating my website as various of the services are for humans and I have taken the decision to follow my heart, and work solely with animals from now on. It’s been a natural progression really because it’s animals that light me up and fill my heart with love. I’m not saying I don’t like people obviously but animals really are my passion and anything I can do to help them or help you to help your pets then that’s my ‘why’ in life.
If you want to connect with me then feel free to email me at —- – My website is

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