Reiki Therapy
What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “spiritual energy” or “universal life-force-energy,” and in Japan it is used to describe any form of therapy that uses spiritual energy. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique used to maintain wellbeing, reduce pain, stress & depression and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

We have a physical body surrounded by an energy field. When we become unwell physically, emotionally or mentally this has an unbalancing effect on our energy field. A Reiki Therapist channels energy through his or her hands and by the gentle placement of hands on the physical body (or just above it) facilitates the rebalancing of the energy field which in turn may ease symptoms physically, mentally and emotionally. Reiki is one of the tools we can use to help achieve optimum health.  I have attained levels 1-3 of the Oshune Reiki method of Energetic Healing. Reiki Therapy includes Gem Stone Therapy, Chakra Alignment, Sound therapy and Aromatherapy.

Reiki therapy can be used to assist in:

Anxiety management
As a pain management strategy
As a supportive measure through unpleasant and/or painful procedures
To reduce chemotherapy/radiotherapy gut disturbance
To engender a sense of control
To enhance compliance with treatment regimens
To enhance coping
To enhance the immune response
To improve quality of life
To increase self-esteem & confidence
To assist the patient in the dying process
** The yoga therapy components of my Reiki therapy are based on my Oshune Reiki Certification, not derived from my status as an RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Schedule a therapeutic Reiki  session at $79 per hour. (Or you can also purchase three one-hour classes at a discount: $199 for three one-hour classes.) Minimum booking is one hour. Please contact me to schedule an appointment!

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