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Lewistown, PA 17044, USA
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I practice Shamanic Reiki.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that addresses our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Reiki exists all around us and is available to anyone. It is not a religion and requires no set belief system. It does not require meditations, incantations, rituals or ceremonies. You do not need to play music, burn candles or incense, or anything special. All you need to do is ‘intend’ to receive Reiki Energy for it to work for you .

A Shaman is better known in the west by the Native American term Medicine Man or Medicine Woman. Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today. It can be argued as the first religion having its root beginnings thousands of years in our past, back when our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They had to be in touch with everything around them to survive and prosper. Mother Earth, the trees, animals, plants, the very stones that surrounded them were used and seen as imbued with Spiritual energy. They found Spirit in all things. It is a more intuitive approach to energy healing and blends well with, while complimenting Reiki perfectly. I am not a Shaman. Shaman is a title bestowed upon someone by the Shaman Elders and I would never presume to call myself one, but I do follow many of their beliefs, practices, rituals, and ceremonies and consider it a great honor to do so.

The Center For Emerging Truth is dedicated to helping those who desire an increased spiritual awareness, and a safe place to study and share ideas with like minded people.

Free Reiki and EFT Healing Sessions for the terminally ill. Local and distance sessions offered. Call for more information.  

Reiki Level I & II Training and Attunements Classes $65 (4 hour classes)

Services include:

Smudging: the act of cleansing unwanted energies from a home, business or other areas.
Guided Meditation Sessions: Individual or group sessions available. Training or Advanced.
Reiki Healing: Local individual, distance and over the phone healing sessions available. Each session is individualized to meet your needs and lasts approximately 1 1/2 hour. The fee includes my travel, preliminary interview, equipment setup, healing session and post session counseling. Distance healing sessions include preliminary interview and healing session. Post session counseling is done at the same time as preliminary interview. Over the phone sessions include preliminary interview, healing session, post session counseling.
Intuitive Tool: Have you ever felt, or wondered why your prayers seem to go unanswered? Ever had meditation leave you more puzzled or tired than refreshed? Why is it that you do not seem to experience the ‘wonder’, the ‘thrill’ many others speak and write about? In an attempt to protect us our subconscious often uses walls and filters to block, process and store negative experiences. These very walls and filters often keep us from experiencing the most pleasant things in life and the gifts Spirit wishes to bestow upon. We will discuss these subjects and how society, using fear, encourages us to fail. You will then be trained in the use of our Intuitive Tool to release the blocks and filters our subconscious places in our path. Individualized or Group sessions are available.
Prayer and healing energy requests are at no charge for the terminally ill. Please use the contact form to submit a general description of your need. If a more detailed request is desired then contact me by phone. Be sure to leave your name and number as well as a best time to return your call if I do not answer.

Fee: $50 hour/$75 hour for groups


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