CHAHAT (Centre of Holistic Alternative medicines and Healing Aid Therapies)

CHAHAT is a center of excellence and repute providing holistic healing, medical aid and therapies efficiently and effectively, using the ancient wisdom and alternate medicines.

The basic philosphy on which CHAHAT works is that each individual is inherently Happy, Healthy and cosmically connected with one and all. The root cause of medical, mental, emotional and psychological problems is KARMAS (deeds) and imbalance of subtle ENERGIES.

CHAHAT is headed by REIKI Grand Master Dr Amita Kulshreshtha, M.D. in Alternative Medicines (BACH FLOWER REMEDIES, ACCUPRESSURE, COLOR Therapy, GEM Thearapy, NATUROPATHY) and also masterS in Hypnosis, Pranic Healing, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Astrology, Akashic Records, Globe reading, Tarrot Cards and other ancient allied systems of healing and non allopathic medical aids and therapies.

The medical, mental, emotional, psychological problems of the patients are thoroughly studied in depth to find out the root cause and the exact energy imbalance. The center also has experts from other systems of medicines (Ayuerveda, Homeopathy, Psychologist, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Medical Specialists)to assist in diagnosing correctly and accurately the specific underlying issues and problems. After this thorough evaluation a HOLISTIC HEALING & treatment plan is charted prepared with a view to give long lasting relief and cure without any side effects. The patient is trained and empowered to heal his own condition, by realising and developing her own healing powers and energies.

The Center also runs courses and programmes in REIKI, Praninc Healing, Aura Reading, Accupressure, BACH Flower Remedies, Color Therapies, Akashic Records.

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