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My name is Melanie and I am a Certified Crystal Healer graduate from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and a Usui / Shamballa Reiki Master / Teacher.

I have a diverse experience and a true desire to assist each client compassionately, ethically and in a space of love. I use various tools and modalities to prepare and assist the body, mind, emotions and spirit to begin the healing process. The journey of healing can then occur and guide you toward awakening your own powers of self-awareness, self-healing, and well-being.

In my therapeutic work, I include the energies of crystals in all of my sessions. Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.

I offer the following services: Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy/Chakra Balancing, Crystal Infusions and Reiki sessions.

I am also a Young Living essential oils Distributor and offer aromatherapy in your sessions, as well as assisting you in purchases for your own personal use.

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  • Cine Taylor
    August 24, 2016
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    The owner of Crystalline Therapeutics is a dear friend of mine who happened to offer me a Crystal healing when I was in dire need, it was an amazing experience to say the least…but she didn’t stop there. Melanie offered me a scholarship to her complete Reiki course, if you know anything about these courses, you know that was beyond generous. I have completed Level III & I am now a certified Reiki Master,Teacher. My life has changed in so many ways, all for my greater good. Melanie is a through & thoughtful, loving Teacher, she doesn’t rush you, she guides you. I have been given so much information, it has put my whole existence on a new & brighter,loving path. I have found my true calling in life, thanks to Melanie. As a Teacher (her) I can highly recommend Melanie. As a Crystal healer I can say the experience was like none other. FIVE stars & past the Moon. Much Crystalline love, Cine.