Dandelion Healing - Kandis J. Clemons

10160 Elida Rd, Delphos, OH 45833, USA
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11 years ago after being told my breast biopsy was inconclusive and would require more tissue taken I was headed to meet a friend to cry and I was involved in a car accident in which I suffered a head injury. At the time the doctors told me they believed based on my MRI that I had MS and would need to have more testing and proceed with a specialist. As a mother of 4 daughters I was devastated and when I saw my reflexologist in the next few days she told me about Reiki. Needless to say I had 4 Reiki treatments before the blood work and biopsy appointment…and the doctors could find nothing. I was convinced Reiki gave me my life and my daughters back. I began learning as much as I could and taking classes. Now 10 years later I am sharing my gift of the loving energy with other. I am an Ordained Minister working with Signing bowls, Tuning forks, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Tarot Cards. Join me at Dandelion Healing, where we never stop making wishes. Much love and light. xx

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  • Posted 3 months ago
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