Distance Reiki Healer

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Hi I am Jill, and I want to help people and animals heal through the beautiful healing modality, Reiki. I offer distance healing sessions for both people and animals. The healing session can be done anywhere and at any time that suits your schedule best. We do not need to physically be near one another for the healing energies to work. Instead you are preferably in bed or relaxing on your coach with an open mind and heart ready for the energy to go where the energy needs to go. Your pet can be doing whatever it’s big heart desires… napping, playing, watching animal planet, etc. After purchasing a session you will receive an email from me (Jill) to confirm the day and time you would like me to send the energy. I will have a short questionnaire included in my email for you to complete, as well as a request for a photo of yourself or your pet. Both are optional but both can be helpful for the overall success of the Reiki Healing Session. Through my journey with Reiki I have tapped into my clairvoyant abilities and sometimes when I send a person or animal energy I receive messages from spiritual guides. I will relay the message via email after your session.‚Äč All the best! Love, Jill

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