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Hello and welcome, my name is Michael. Only a few years ago I was asleep- fully integrated into our cultural matrix… Living a life of escapism and selfishness. My days followed the same format: Wake up, workout, work, eat, entertainment, sleep, repeat.. with a dash of bar hopping and late nights on the weekends with the guys. I knew my heart yearned for more…I was unhappy… I felt so dead inside… was this it for the rest of my life until I am grow old and grey, or is there something else going on in the background? Was I to grind away for the promise of more money, to buy more things, all the while sacrificing my health and well-being in the mean time? Then it happened…

A few years ago I had a spiritual awakening and my third eye opened for the very first time. I felt the quantum field- the interconnection of all living things, the all there is all at once. After living a life of separateness and identity attachment this shook me to my very core. Since then I’ve spent many years spending seeking answers – reading spiritual texts, joining and contributing to various communities, working with different vehicles to build upon my initial awakening and continue to refine my intuition.

I now have accepted that I am clairaudient and have been working on developing myself as a healer, while still contributing to a traditional western life…keeping a foot in the matrix, so to speak, but aligning this with my spiritual values. I have been training myself to become a healer- all the while shifting my corporate persona to serving the planet in the renewable energy sector. My life is now one of personal growth and challenge and I continue to align myself with the ebbing flow of the universe- creating a beautiful dance of synchronicity each and every day.


I offer services in both energy healing and yoga instruction in Chicago. I teach public and private yoga classes and can perform energy healing both in person and distance through phone or Zoom. If you are interested in learning more please contact me!

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