I have studied Reiki for many years, and have witnessed the power of this wonderful healing modality.

My specialties are Soul Reconnection, Grief Processing, Mindfulness Activation, Assistance with coping with PTSD, as well as promoting the assistance in the following area’s:

Promotes Health And Wellbeing
Helps With Pain Management
Encourages Mental Clarity
Releases Stress & Tension
Relieves Depression
Reduces Anxiety
Aids Relaxation
Improves Sleep
Strengthens Self-Esteem
Heightens Self-Awareness & Intuition
Offers Support For Substance Abuse Recovery

My services range from in person to distance. If you have any questions about Reiki, or wish to join me in one of my Reiki Share Sessions, please feel free to contact me. I am conveniently located at Elevated Boutique, at the corner of Knuckey and Cavanagh Street in the heart of Darwin.

Sessions Available:

​Tuesday 3pm to 7pm
Wednesday 3pm to 7pm
Thursday 3pm to 7pm
Friday 3pm to 7 pm
Saturday 10:30am to 3 pm

closed Sunday & Monday

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