Hug Your Roots, LLC

Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Joe is married as a father of three daughters, has a dog and lives in Phoenix, AZ. Joe is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Recreation Management. Shortly after graduation, Joe was lured by the sound of a salary, benefits and retirement plan. He spent almost 18 and a half years in the corporate world in a place he never “felt right.” Over 16 of those years were as an insurance fraud investigator. It was through “self discovery” that Reiki found him. Reiki was part of a major transformation and he now wants to share it with the world. Once his truth was revealed, he knew that his truth was connected to that of others. The truth is love and he wants to give it all back through community, local business and charity. Joe is a 6th Generation Reiki Master in the Usui System.

Through his journey, Hug Your Roots was founded. Healing; a continuous process in life, Understanding; understanding is knowing, knowing is knowledge, knowledge is power and Gratitude; appreciation of being a part of something bigger than YOU (greatness), because it’s not about you, it’s about US. Your roots are your foundation, it’s who you are. We have to nurture our roots so that we may nurture the roots of others.  We all know what happens to a tree with an unhealthy root system during a wind storm. Let’s allow the storms to pass so we can see the blue skies. They are always above, keep your head up. Your business is serious to Joe and what is between stays.

Peace and love

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