Lasting Light Wellness

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Lasting Light Wellness – Online (webinar, Skype, & self-paced) and in person training. Reiki, Shamanism, Yoga, Reflexology. We offer MD massage CEU’s for many of our classes. We offer the following types of Reiki healing sessions and/or training classes Usui, Holy Fire ®, Sekhem-Seichim (SHSK/Egyptian), Karuna Reiki ®, Celtic, Kundalini, Lightatarian, Karuna Ki, Crystal Healing, Distance Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Bioridian (similar to Cherokee Crystal Healing), Energetic Wellbeing Process/EGWBP, Reflexology, Yoga, Peruvian Shamanism and Shamanic Reiki. We offer Reikishamanics(r), Crystal Healing, and spiritual protection classes. We sell the following products: crystals, wands, pendulums, chakra sets, Native American Healing Oils containing crystals, crystal coated vibrational jewelry, sage, crystal malas, smokeless sage spray, crystal infused water bottles, meditation pads, and incense.

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