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I went deep into meditation to rid my fear thoughts. my fear thoughts are not real, they’re beliefs that come up due to things not working out the way I wanted, fear, frustration kicks in. Why does this happen to me thought? These are not real, its a conditioning that you created in your head. We focus on a plan that didn’t work out, then we continue to think that thought repeatedly and then we are in a funk.
I use to go through the same thing a lot, now I stop all thinking, go outside to listen to the sounds of nature, I then get these ideas, I write them down. I SAID WRITE THEM DOWN!!!! From there, I create my plan to move forward. as I move forward to my next 5 things that will help me get the plan off the paper and into the world. I only focus on one thing at a time within the LIST. Write them down, first most important thing to do, and so on.
Reiki comes into play while I meditate, while I am brainstorming, while I write. Do you see? Reiki gets you in a meditative state that allows your spirit to guide you. Reiki clears off old patterns, fear and frustration.
I am teaching Levels 1 through 3 Reiki. I choose Reiki because it allows you to go deeper without pain. Have you had enough of the hurt, grief, pain and trauma? Reiki is pain free. I have never experienced any pain when receiving or giving Reiki.
Reiki allows the practitioner to call on the Spirit Guides that you need to work with. The treatment is gentle. The chakras open slowly, bringing ease and grace. I also work with Abraham – Hicks for ease and grace.
Learning Reiki is another way for you to become closer to oneness, your higher self. Giving yourself Reiki: meditating on a specific area of your life or body to change the state of that body for your higher good.

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