Paul Garstang Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

20 Greenfinch Cres, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln LN6 9JG, UK
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Shamanism was the way of life, to communicate with unseen worlds, locate herds of animals and hidden medicinal herbs, solve problems and heal illness. Now our planet is out of balance there is a revival in the healing ways. Like where you are right now in the present moment, searching for something you feel deep inside you but don’t know why, how and where to find it.

You have found yourself Called to the Shamanic Way of problem solving and healing illness, to meet and work with your healing guides. The Calling you receive to help create significant change in your life, or, walk the spiritual path is truly wondrous The question isn’t Where does it come from? and How do i answer?  but what if i ignore it.

In a simple answer……YOU CAN’T.

The call from spirit may be gradual, sudden, or on off. Some even receive the Call  through dramatic circumstances such as emotional crisis, life threatening illness or a near death experience where there is a need to find greater spiritual meaning and healing for our own lives. For me it was a near death experience after which i chose to answer spirits guidance on ever stronger and deeper levels of commitment.I’m continually guided by spirit who point me in the right direction, but, the discipline and dedication needed to answer the Call was my choice.

“There is an understanding that it is spirit who choose to make the Shaman”

They can speak in Dream time, through nature, through synchronicity. In my case i had an inner understanding that the healing spirits were ever present and inviting my attention and connection with them.

The question you need to ask now is……..Why should i answer this call from spirit?

The simplest answer to this is Because you received it. It is an Honour and a privilege to partner with your healing guides, to work with empathy and compassion, on behalf of others who are suffering and asking for help. You are given all the help you need to fulfil this calling and in answering you are able to learn, grow and heal yourself.

It would be my Honour and Privilege to guide you forward on your healing path. My life experiences have brought me to this place of peace and has given me the compassion and empathy to guide you.  I’m so grateful and blessed to have been chosen by spirit to be a connection for their healing energies.

I’m attuned to Master / Teacher level in the following Healing modalities;

Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, 5 Element Reiki

( i’m currently studying towards my Advanced Kundalini Reiki master / teacher )

Energy Medicine Practitioner

An Earthkeeper having received the 9 Rites Of Transformation of the MUNAY-KI  ( Of which i’m able to pass them forward )

I facilitate Ceremonies and Rituals

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Journeying

Your here to find answers to your inner Calling, let me be your guide and teacher on this amazing and worthwhile journey. 


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