Dates & Times: October  21st, 10:30am – 5pm

There are many mystical ways to learn energy healing and Reiki is one of the optimum healing modality in a vast, luxurious sea of healing diversity. This Reiki training is a bit different as I will be incorporating your intuitive and psychic abilities in the training. Most Reiki teachers do not teach how to psychically perceive while doing a healing. You will learn how to access spiritual information with your intuition and how to harmonize your spiritual abilities with the power of Reiki energy. The ICON (Integration Centre Of The Nexus) is our spiritual not-for-profit centre that follows the Four Pillars Of Focus (understanding, reading, managing and manipulating energy). You will be certified as a healer through our organization.

I have received training from three different people. My first training and attunement happened in Ukraine in 2012 by a psychic-medium with 25 years of experience. My second training happened in Coquitlam, BC by Grace Talson who is a registered CRA (Canadian Reiki Association) teacher in 2014. My third training and attunements came from a Japanese Reiki Master in Vancouver in 2015 who lovingly took me on as a student for a series of months. I retook the Reiki master level in 2018 from Grace Talson. I’ve learned a variety of different ways to work with Reiki from all of them, which I will teach you. I’ve been using Reiki for years and can attest to the benefits its had on me and my clients.

PRICE: Reiki I – $125 (This Is The Early Bird Price. The Price Goes Up To $150)

You may pay online. Your seat is only reserved after you pay for the class.

• You may sign up through paypal or credit card by sending $125 via

What Will You Receive?

• Reiki manuals

• Extensive Training & Practice for the 7 hour day of training (30min lunch break)

• Certificate

• Ongoing support and free reiki share between students and the community

What We Cover In Reiki Level I & II:

★ What is Reiki and How Does It Work
★ History of Reiki
★ The Five Reiki Principles
★ Our Reiki Lineage
★ Ethics of Reiki
★ The Chakras & Reiki
★ The Power Symbol, Uses and Practice
★ Grounding and Protection
★ Reiki Meditation
★ What is a Reiki Attunement and Receiving Level 1 Initiation/attunement
★ Practicing Self-Healing
★ Hand Positions & Placement for Self-healing
★ Byosen – scanning the energy body
★ Three clairs
★ The Session; What to do before, during, after a treatment on a Reiki Table and Reiki Hand Positions for Treatment using a Chair
★ Reiki Share and Group Sessions
★ Other Uses for Reiki

Reiki II

★ Review of Level 1 & Discussion (experiences and questions)
★ Receive the Level 2 Initiation
★ The Mental/Emotional Symbol, Uses
★ The Distant Healing Symbol, Uses
★ Practice Doing Distant Healings & Ethics
★ Beaming & Integrating the Symbols into a session
★ Additional Unique ways of using the symbols
★ Reiki Box
★ 3 more Clairs
★ Reiki Meditations
★ Reiki Shower
★ Karmic Healing with Reiki
★ Healing addictions and unwanted patterns
★ Using the Symbols for Protection, Space & Crystal Clearing
★ Goal Setting and Manifestation with Reiki
★ Using Reiki on specific problem areas in life and past situations
★ Documenting a session
★ Students exchange Healing in class
★ Schedule a Distant Healing for practice and feedback
★ Doing Group Reiki

Additional Training is available.

Intuitive/Psychic Reiki III – $250

Intuitive/Psychic Reiki IV – 300

Seating is limited to 6 students. Payment is due upon RSVPing.

Facilitator: Jehey Vy a licensed esthetician for over 10 years, certified energy healer and certified Reiki master, trained psychic and medium and a spiritual mentor. She is in ministry school to become an inclusive spiritual minister. She runs multiple spiritual groups on meetup and has been a spiritual youtuber since 2009 where she’s provided insight and meditations. She is dedicated to educating, supporting and growing our spiritual community. For more on her and what she does, please see the links below.

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