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Introduction to Reiki for self- help and as a foundation level for people intending to move on to professional level work.

Dates for 2019:

July 13th-14th
October 12th-13th

2 day course, 10-5.30 pm. 2-6 students per course
Fee £180.00

This course is suitable for people who are interested in Reiki as a personal and spiritual developmental or healing pathway. It is also the first level of training for those who intend to work professionally with Reiki and is part of a Practitioner training which conforms to the Reiki National Occupational Standards.

First Degree Reiki Training is about connecting to the Energy, developing your sensitivity to the flow of energy, beginning your own healing and expanding your mindset to allow you to channel the energy effectively.
This level of training will give you:
• The confidence and knowledge of basic technique to treat yourself, friends and family You will be personally attuned to the Reiki energy and gain experience in channelling it
• Supervised practice of treating other people with Reiki
• A good understanding of the history of Reiki and your place in the Reiki Lineage
• The philosophical background of the therapy
• Basic understanding of body structure
• Introduction to the Energy System of the body
• Understanding of the links between Body and Mind and why we fall ill
• An Introduction to Meditation
You are also encouraged to keep a journal of your self- treatment progress and a log of your treatments of other people. This is not a formal Case Study requirement but an aid to your Reiki journey. It is intended to help you to highlight areas of practice you are not clear on and to act as a basis for discussion in subsequent training
We offer quality training to the best standards available. Our courses are relaxed and informal and the group size is a maximum of 6 so that each person can receive as much attention and support as they need. We fully support all of our students during training and afterwards.

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