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5008 50 St, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1T2, Canada
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Now, offering Reiki in Stony Plain, AB and the surrounding area(s).
Located at Blissful Balance Massage.
What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of hands on healing technique known as the “Universal Life Force energy, Vital Force energy, Prana (breath of life), Spiritual Guided energy, or in general, energy-healing. When the reiki practitioner conducts a treatment or session. The practitioner, then becomes the facilitator of the energy which allows the therapist to channel the energy. The energy-healing flows thru practitioners hands with light pressure on or over clients body, thus activating the patients natural healing processes of their physical body, while balancing the energy field, cleansing the chakra system and restoring the clients entire emotional, mental, & spiritual well-being.
Reiki practitioners “do not” control the energy, the energy goes to wherever the physical body requires healing.
Leaving the client with a complete feeling of wholeness, harmony, and joy.
Healing properties are as followed
• promotes better sleep
• facilitates in depression & anxiety
• balancing the chakra system, as the energy within
• Speeds up surgery recovery & injury
• regulate blood pressure
• reduces stress
• pain relief
• enhances health & well-being
*** Reiki does not cure, it only activates the body’s natural healing processes. ***
Ps. I also teach Reiki to those who are interested in becoming Reiki Practitioners 🙂
Thank you, Namaste

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