Reiki, Meditation and Spiritual Awareness

Following Reiki immersion, I received extraordinary spiritual inspirations that have transformed my life and led to the publication of ‘Lighting the Lamp Within.’ This book is a personal and profound account of my spiritual awakening and the lessons that I learnt along my journey to joy. For ordinary people looking for a deeper meaning in their life, this book brings into awareness in simple language how to identify hurdles in their spiritual growth. It then offers techniques to connect to their inner Truth—giving lots of real-life examples and personal experiences to get perpetual joy and peace. People looking for emotional healing and relationships at the personal and professional level can use the book as a resourceful guide to find new ego-free ways to improve the quality of their interactions and life. Lighting the Lamp Within (ISBN: 9781450255288) is very secular in nature and would appeal to people of all faiths. It was published in 2010 in USA and is available at Amazon and other online stores all over the world. Since the publication of this book, new doors opened for me taking my spiritual journey to a different direction. I became a reiki teacher and started conducting workshops on different aspects Spiritual Awareness.I am now a spiritual mentor and meditation practitioner/teacher. More information on the book can be found at

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