E. Sylvia Simpson, Usui Reiki Master, Reiki of Money Practitioner

046701204, CA 92342, United States
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E. Sylvia is a Usui Reiki Master focusing on the Reiki of money, a member of the World Metaphysical Association and the Reiki Healing Association. E. Sylvia is a certified and registered Metaphysician through the World Metaphysical Association.

E. Sylvia provides personalized, private solutions to international clients.

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Reiki of Money is provided for entertainment purposes.

Website is esylvia.com


Who could use a little extra boost in the financial department?

Reiki of Money is an energetic focus on an Intention for Usui Reiki sessions & practice to include the Energy of Money as “currency flow”.

So what is Reiki? Perhaps you’ve heard the Chinese word “chi” or “qi”; a life force energy which is featured in the practices of Feng Shui and Qigong. The teachings of Usui Reiki originated in Japan, where “Ki” may be defined (as compared to to “chi” and “qi”) as an Intention to Allow the Flow of Energy, and “Rei” as Spiritual or Sacred. Reiki, then, is a Japanese word for an Intention to Allow a Sacred or Spiritual Flow of Energy.

According to the legend, Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui Reiki, desired to know how the masters of antiquity performed miraculous healing through their hands, without becoming tired or exhausting their personal energy. Usui went on a shamanistic journey for many years, studied ancient symbols, climbed a mountain, fasted, and finally reached enlightenment. Usui received the gift of energetic healing and knowledge of how to teach others this system.

And what is Reiki of Money? We see that Reiki is an intention to allow a sacred or spiritual flow of energy. Energy, as current, flows for electric lights and appliances to work. Currency, as money, flows in an activity of giving and receiving. To give, someone must receive. To receive, someone must give. This creates a flow of the energy of money. Reiki of Money, then, is the Intention to Allow a Sacred or Spiritual Flow of the Energy of Money.

Reiki of Money is based on a system created by Stephanie Brail. In combination with the techniques provided within Usui Reiki, the Reiki of Money may be received as a distance treatment by proxy through a photograph that you provide.

Distance treatments may also be received by proxy through your name and/or your written request regarding money on a piece of paper. This piece of paper is placed inside a special box, which has been activated with a special blend of Reiki energies, and into which Usui Reiki and Reiki of Money treatments are sent regularly. The piece of paper with your name may stay inside the Reiki of Money box for up to a month.

If you wish to receive a Reiki of Money distance treatment, contact E. Sylvia at your earliest convenience. Please remember to send a recent photograph, your name and/or your written request regarding money along with your payment.

Metaphysical and intuitive consultations, including and not necessarily limited to reiki treatments, teachings and attunements, are provided for entertainment purposes. E. Sylvia does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical condition. You must be 18 years of age or older. No refunds.

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