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Holistic Reiki; physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Tame your body with Tammy at an affordable rate
Reiki is a natural form of energy healing that is very relaxing to receive. Reiki provides healing to the mind, body, emotions, as well as spirit. Reiki can be used to aid in clearing chakra blockages and brings a great sense of emotional balance, peace, security and well-being. Generally at some point in the session crystals as used to eliminate negative energy.
When I do a Reiki session my first and foremost thought is to what the client needs. What is best for the client at the time, do they need just a Reiki session for relaxation or is there more there that needs to be addressed. Through talking with a client some of this can be found but not always. Some clients do not like to speak about what is really bothering them so an aura scan with the hands may need to be done, are there chakras in balance, what needs to be done to help the client to receive the session for their highest good and for the greatest of intention. I may have you hold palm stones during the session to help with the meditation process. Each session is different just like each client is different so I go with what I feel and what my guides may be telling me.

As a Usie Reiki Master Teacher, I am able to teach levels 1, 2, & 3 as well as attunements. Also Certified in Animal Energy Healing Reiki.
My sessions are done with healing meditative music that helps to put you into a more relaxed state of consciousness which allows the energy to flow.
All at an affordable rate

About myself
As a young child I was always drawn to taking care of others. Doing what I could to help them, if it was just setting with them talking or lending a hand in whatever way I could. As I grew the need to help others was still there so after I was married and we would have to move to different states when my husband would be promoted I would take jobs that in some way or the other always helped people. Then we decided that we were getting older and our parents were getting to the age where they needed more help so we moved back to Indiana and settled down. This was the best thing that could happen for me, I started looking into different ways that I could help people and came across Usie Reiki and the more I read the more information I wanted to learn. So I decided that I wanted to take a course to see and I was hooked. I did all levels to become a Reiki Master Teacher and I found that as I was doing my courses that some of the things that I was learning I had done as a child guided by my grandmother before she past.

My Goal
My goal is to help you achieve peace, harmony and inner happiness. To have a good experience with good communication and quality treatment.

By appointment only
Call or email to make your appointment today and start your new journey. Look forward to hearing from you.

energy healing meditation relaxation healing the mind body and spirit with Usie Reiki pain and stress relief
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