Reiki Loves Us!

The energy of life really does love us and I want so many people to understand this that I offer the first Reiki session free. People report floating, bright lights, feeling heavy like a stone, stillness, energy, feeling very rested, other good experiences and sometimes nothing at all. Your experience will be unique to you.

Book your Safe Reiki session now. No obligation. First session free.

De-stress. Heal. Naturally with Safe Reiki.

We share the Reiki experience. We both have a part to play. We both let go of barriers and expectations and let Reiki work. Somehow Reiki does work – stress subsides and healing happens. It may be the therapist, it may be the client, but really it’s the Reiki – the life energy that is way bigger than us, that is beyond our mind’s understanding – we can trust it, it’s perfectly safe and it loves us. My experience is that all is well – that’s the baseline, the default. Why not try some Reiki if that’s not your default? Try it and see, first session free.

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