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Soul In Fusion

Jocelyne LeBlanc
Reiki Practitioner

My path in the healing arts follows a spiritual awakening that blessed me with an introduction, for an eventual full integration of the Divine presence of Love. I am now guided to help bring healing to others with Reiki.

In attuning to the sacred physicality of life, and immersing in the creative flow writing my book, I became tapped into the invisible “life force energy.” Reflection of Selection was a labor of love. I wrote it to bring awareness of how the choices we make, not only in the food we eat, but in how we think affect us. Look for it on Amazon.

With time my healing transformation led to new revelations–the Infinite nature of life and the Oneness of all. When we realize the only blessing–life itself—is to be experienced in a conscious awareness, it follows naturally to honor, integrate, and love all aspects of ourselves.

Soul in Fusion connects within to ALL that is to facilitate comprehensive healing in the highest good of each client.

The channeled Reiki energy brings calmness–and balance is gently restored to the energy body, allowing healing to take place.

Whether discomforts are stress-related or of a deeper nature, addressing ailments at Soul level completes healing. We all, each of us, have an all-loving and wise aspect that wants and knows feeling well is possible. Energy work with Soul In Fusion connects to that aspect, and Jocelyne encourages everyone to get to know and listen to their own inner guidance–always there ready to assist in healing.

Trained at Level I, II, and III in Holographic-Usui Tibetan Reiki, and Chakra healing. With ongoing training in Medical Intuition, and broad practical knowledge of nutrition—the emphasis is on whole being wellness to enhance our sacred journey of life.

When a person’s “life force energy” is low, sickness and feeling unwell become normal. Factors that deplete this energy include poor lifestyle choices and negative subconscious scripts.

Getting to the emotional root of all distresses is facilitated when we connect with Soul. Identifying and removing energy drains and blocks are key. Clients will know and feel what resonates or hits home.

For people with chronic issues, Soul takes us to deep layers buried in the unconscious to find the feelings, thoughts, unresolved conflicts, and negative patterns that hinder our wellbeing. It’s at this depth we’ll find and need to acknowledge and release all that’s BEEN us and no longer serves our best interest. It is then we’ll reacquaint with the highest level of ourselves–the all-knowing version that acts only from a place of Heart and Love towards self and others.

Soul In Fusion aims to bring positive flow and return clients to a natural state of being. Healing requires self-love, and including a natural approach like Reiki is a most important part of it. Caring for the energetic body is an integral part of feeling well.


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