Tammy Forbes, LMBT, RMT, SCP at Essential Healing Therapy

Essential Healing Therapy is a multi-modality practice where I do both energy work which includes Reiki (both as sessions and I teach classes), Healing Touch, Craniosacral Therapy and massage therapy. I also offer quantum biofeedback sessions. I have been in practice for 8 years.

I began my healing journey working in conventional medicine, but found after 27 years, I didn’t feel as though I was doing the best I could for people in terms of helping them and/or helping themselves find ways to lift them up to heal. I then was trained in Reiki and began using this wonderful modality on family and friends. I then pursued massage therapy as a way to open the doors to beginning a professional practice here in South Carolina.

My practice has been very successful and I am extremely blessed with wonderful clients, students and colleagues. I love to teach and love to spread the wonderful healing of Reiki. I believe it is important that we spread the love and healing of Reiki to all that wish to learn about it. I have ongoing classes for training and also offer classes in essential oil use, and some other healing modalities as well for both practitioners and lay people alike.

I would be honored to work with you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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