At The Chakra House of Healing, Dr. Rev. Ayse Hogan has taken this amazingly awesome modality and added her own flare.  She teaches Reiki in the traditional Usui Method,  however when she treats her clients she brings in her Master Hypnosis training, Shamanic Practices and works very intently with the Master techniques of Reiki to create a session that not only amplifies her intent but by involving her clients in the healing as well, she brings in their intention.  The session becomes spiritually explosive.  She implements these methods in person and online using video.

In her teachings, she prefers to work with a smaller group as each student brings something to the table.  While instilling all the required and necessary teachings of Reiki, she also works with each students individual talents and gifts to help them make Reiki their own, to bring in their own flare.



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