The healing of one’s mind, body and spirit should never be a painful experience, but one that results in the individual feeling calm, centred and empowered.
With nearly 35 years experience as an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Teacher, Marisa Ward has repeatedly seen evidence of the benefits of Reiki, as it gently alleviates pain, removes emotional and spiritual blockages, and instils a deep sense of well-being.
We offer ongoing classes and attunements, as well as client treatments in a serene, professional atmosphere. Client treatments can be in person or online.
Classes are also offered in Spiritual and Psychic Development.  Other services include EFT therapy, Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression and Past Life Therapy, and intuitive readings.
We are also pleased to announce our new label ”White Light Recordings” and the release of Marisa’s new album, ‘A Walk Across The Rainbow: Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Psychic Self-Defence’, featuring ‘Morningsong’ (Amhran Na Maidine) the breathtaking track from the album ‘Seallaidh’ (‘The Seer’) by John Ward. It’s available for download from this link.
Since its founding in 1979, White Light Enterprises UK and Marisa Ward have striven to provide the highest quality of service, whether during Reiki treatments, sales of unique spiritual merchandise, or intuitive readings.
All services and classes are available by appointment only. Please contact us to book your class or appointment today.
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