Yoga Shaman Reiki : a living breathing practice

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A living practice is not just about the application of modalities and methods. It is a daily discipline – moment by moment – breathing in light and love, breathing out clarity and harmony.

My intent in writing about and illustrating this is to ignite discovery and kindle homegrown fires of imagination, inspiration, insight. Nurturing and nourishing our shared humanity, beingness, wellbeing.

It is my hope that – any and all interested, beginner or seasoned, healer and practitioner – find something here of value that they can easily assimilate and include in their life and practice.

Through specific stories, may the uninitiated or masterful dive deep into health, healing, dis-ease, fulfillment. May these organic and holistic tools and techniques facilitate optimum results for a professional healing practice and a successful business performance.

Much time, resource, and collaboration have been accumulated in training with leading teachers and learning from many masters – living, immortal, eternal – to create a foundation and platform to play in and work out your own answers and application.

This is the accumulated outcome of hours and years of my personal work and professional application conducting private sessions, clinics, workshops and retreats. In the Philippines and the United States directly and world wide online and long distance.

Yoga Shaman Reiki is a collaborative co-creation of my life studies and experience with hands-on lifestyle choices learned through both my Eurasian genealogy and the lineage of Yoga Christ Shaman Masters I study and follow.

Not everyone wishes to devote decades to these sacred scriptures and studies. For those interested I offer a distilled and direct access to those that are important to you. Together we can custom build a personal discipline of your own. Contact us directly to book a session or for any questions.

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