Erica Antonetti is an evidential spirit medium who blends her work as a healer, advisor, motivational speaker, and teacher of universal spiritual truths.

As a medium and mentor, Erica’s passion is people! She lives “on-purpose” by being the bridge between the physical and intangible worlds. She assists people in the healing process by providing vital insights, guidance, and perspective while empowering people in the spirit world to communicate the continuity of life after life.

Erica’s experience and training includes Reiki, akashic records, angel tarot, and channeling. She became an ordained minister and has studied under some of the best spirit communicators in the world such as Tony Stockwell, Sharon Klingler, Grace Cavanaugh, and Paul Jacobs.

In her personal life, Erica is a passionate homeschooling mom, has an adventurous side that loves to travel, and is addicted to singing, reading, and Yoga.


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