Judy Sweeney – Psychic Medium, Reiki-Seichem Master & Spiritual Teacher

Judy is a well known Psychic Medium conducting Psychic Readings, Healing, and Workshops at Lawson in the Mid Blue Mountains.

Lightworker Workshops has been teaching people to heal themselves and others over 15 years.

We teach Reiki-Seichem incorporating Usui Reiki from Japan and Seichem, which originated in Egypt and is a high vibration healing system that works beautifully with Reiki.

Whether you want to learn how to heal yourself or a loved one, become a practitioner or go on to become a Master Teacher, Lightworker Workshops can facilitate your training. We always aim to make our classes fun as well as informative. Comprehensive manuals are included in the workshop fee and certificates are issued at the end of each workshop.


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