My name is Metka Lebar and I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 1997. I am a Bestselling Author, an Intuitive, a Healer and a Workshop Leader with rich therapeutic experiences in different healing modalities.

I am an Energy and Sound Healer (member of SHA – Sound Healers Association), Life and Creativity Coach and Consciousness Facilitator. My specialty are Sacred Geometry Workshops, Sacred Sound and Egyptian Temple Teaching Workshops as well as Sacred Journeys to Egyptian and Mayan Temples. As an intuitive I am in communion with the dolphins and light beings.

I offer live reiki workshops and reiki online courses and healing sessions. Through my healing work with people from all over the world I learned what a gift reiki truly is. I am looking forward to attuning you to this amazing healing energy and to facilitating your growth into all that you can be.




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