Allow me to introduce myself, Leah, Reiki Master/Practitioner and teacher at Reiki
Renascence.  I provide sessions both in house and long-distance on both people and animals.  I have spent a good portion of my life volunteering and assisting people and animals. I assisted at the Humane Society in northern Ontario, also at a not for profit organization, Boys and Girls Club, various seniors functions to collecting and handing out donations for homeless persons and their animals yearly to mention a few.  I have always assisted people and animals in any way feasible.  After going through a rough and stressful time in my life several years ago with a separation and moving locations with my youngest son, I began getting Reiki sessions myself.  At the peak of my stress levels, I  always felt overwhelmed, exhausted and ill and would return for ongoing Reiki sessions every few weeks.  Immediately following each session, I felt calm, relaxed and had my coping skills intact again.  I then realized how valuable the sessions really were.  Once things were falling into place I soon realized, I would love to assist others with this wonderful healing modality and had found my calling.  I had been a legal assistant and administrator most of my working years, and it was time to move on.  It is now my passion providing these sessions to both animals and people.  Each session with every new/return client and every animal I help is a unique learning experience for both them and I. I teach all levels of Reiki so others may also share with their families, friends and animals. There are also students  that have moved on to teach to others also.   I also include crystal healings for sessions, smudging and an aura cleansing.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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