Reiki has been a powerful force for healing in my life.

If you are ready to relax and renew your sense of well-being, to create balance in your life, you are ready to receive a Reiki healing.

I invite you to join me for a peaceful reiki session in Tamraght, Morocco.

If it is difficult for you to attend in person (you live in another country), you may wish to consider having distant healing.



About me:

Raised from a Buddhist mother,  I had been studying holistic and complementary healing methods through practices in reiki, reflexology,  yoga, meditation and other disciplines.

My Reiki journey started in Italy in 1994 when I was introduced to it by a close friend of my mother in Italy Miss Loredana Cuzzocrea from Verbania.

I received Level One training in Jan 2004 and from then I begin my practice that has now become the central focus of my life.

In march 2017, after I moved to Morocco, I was attuned again to level 1 and 2 by Rebecca Raymond – UK

I am honoured to have obtained in 2018 my Reiki Master certification through the spiritual lineage of Dr. Usui by Rebecca Raymond from UK.


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