Hello! My name is Tamiko and I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Reiki Practitioner, currently pursuing my degree in Holistic Life Coaching. Although I live on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, I work with clients from around the world (in person, and long-distance via phone/FaceTime/Skype), who want to transform their lives, by empowering them to restore and maintain healing + balance to their mind, body and soul.

Becoming a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher has allowed me to gain a vast amount of knowledge; and this has helped me to have a better understanding of how energy healing can help myself and others, whilst creating balance in my own life. It provided me with the tools and techniques to help others restore and maintain healing to their mind, body and soul, all while transforming into the best version of themselves.

I created A Blissful You as a wellness platform where clients can find support and encouragement throughout their journey to a happier, more balanced and fulfilling life. This is done through avenues such as coaching, meditation, and Reiki. My passion is sharing those tools with you, so that you can live your most active, exciting and blissful life.


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